About Gordon

My life

I grew up in the Philippines and in Kansas on a dairy farm (yes…I milked cows and shoveled cow poop!) I recently moved to Lake Norman (Charlotte, NC) after spending the last 3 years in Palm Beach, Florida. The ocean was nice, but I’m a water skier and lake living is much more compatible for a skier. I am very conscious about my health and wellness. I LOVE to cook, play the piano and guitar. I may even play you a song if you promise not to laugh….but then I love making others laugh. A work/life balance is very important. I was raised in a family that could be considered poor in earthly possessions, but rich in love. My parents were together for 50 years. My 4 brothers and sisters are all married to their best friends. I collect wine and have a dog and a cat (a German Shepard named Lars, and cat I rescued named Zorro)

My Interests

International travel, music, dancing, sports, reading, piano, guitar.

Words that Describe Me

Down to earth, cultured, casual, funny, charming, confident, open minded, spontaneous, caring.

My work

I have always been an entrepreneur. I started out washing cars in Kansas and now I own a company in the financial services industry. These days I am doing quite a bit of business in other countries, which is a lot of fun. I live well, but there is much more to life than financial success.

My turn-ons  

Having a good sense of humor is really important to me. The ability to laugh at yourself (and sometimes at me) is invaluable. Professionally, as long as you love what you do that’s the most important thing. I can be very spontaneous, sometimes traveling to another country on a moment’s notice, so it wouldn’t hurt if you liked to travel and explore the world (if you think that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, tell your parents to get ready for the wedding ;-)

My Church

Radiant Church 10:30AM 5735 Dixie River Rd Charlotte NC